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World Warfare
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  1. Dano1288


    Something needs to be done about the turrets. They are weak unless at a ridiculously high level, no way to tell them what to attack(because they're judgment on threats is just awful), and they are destroyed way to easily. I just had to watch as my turrets wasted time shooting at empty transport aircraft while tanks and stugs ravaged my base. Seriously WTF! Please introduce some form of logic for the turrets or add a way to manually select targets
  2. I thoroughly enjoy Isles of War but it only is available for a short time. Global war gets boring being on the same map all the time. I can't stand spawning into a game and being landlocked in the middle of a huge continent. I suggest bringing back Isles of War to stay permanently or having a map like it as a permanent option
  3. I like being back on the old map but I strongly dislike the voting system
  4. Dano1288


    I've tried this solution many times to no avail.
  5. I think a new gametype should be implemented in addition to global war. Perhaps a map with less players in each game with each player starting on their own small island. As you expand your city and grow the need for more resources you need to plunder and take over new islands (player-held and rebel-held). I think though with a type of game like this, you would have the need to be able to have supply transports cross the ocean. Maybe have a transport truck travel to a harbor and there it would be converted into a freighter with cargo containers or what have you. But the catch could be you need
  6. I would like to suggest adding more forest areas. I tend to use a lot of vehicles that gain attack bonuses for attack from the trees. I think adding more foliage to the map would make for better combat ( ambushes, troop movements, etc.). Anyone agree?
  7. I think having the ability to change what type of turret at village and resource zones would be a great addition! Perfect example, I am currently being attacked by bombers and don't not have the level to create AA. So I am stuck watching my resource zone be destroyed and have no way of countering for quite some time. Anyone else agree with me on this?
  8. Dano1288

    Resource Zone

    I'm not sure if this qualifies as a bug but I'm currently playing a game in which I've taken over an oil resource. Said zone resides on an island off the coast from my city. I can't build on the oil zone because I can't assign an owner to it. Do I not own enough territory to extend up to this area? Has anyone experienced this problem before when taking over resources on islands? Please help
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