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World Warfare
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  1. And to add on to my post just now, to make tank more effective, instead of increasing their range, i suggest tanks take reduce damage when in blitz mode from bombers and arty, maybe 50 percent and once its stop from blitz, the reduce damage drops to 30 percent for about 1mins. This allows players to move n spread their tanks more strategic without having to worry about taking damage from arty or running away from bombers. And aside from auto spread from group, developer can make the spread drop from gig. Or even offer 2-3 formation for the player to choose from.
  2. Many players are not able to optimise tanks well because they are used to dropping the tanks in a clump, what i suggest that instead of increasing the strength of the tanks, in the group icon developers can add an additional feature which is to auto spread out the tanks. This is a strategy game, player should learn to control their unit, everytime when players drop their tanks from their gig tend they to drop all in a clump which is easy for m40 to kill. Extra features to spread out their tanks will ensure they will reduce the damage by m40 or howeitzer aoe. And also reducing king ti
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