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World Warfare
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  1. So if a city has an outgoing transport that has left the area completely, but that originating city is captured by enemies before the transport lands at it's destination, that transport fails and nothing is delivered to the other city. This can't be right, can it?
  2. I started the game and did a lot of class tech research into tanks, thinking that I would like that style of play. Tanks are fine for killing rebels, but when going against other players, splash damage is hard to beat. I think the easiest/most realistic change to help balance PVP would be an increase in Defense/HP for tanks. Being able to take in some damage from the M40's to get into range and shoot at them before being destroyed. Another suggestion would be upping the speed of tanks over 'grassland', even making it the same as over roads. This would allow people to move them around in battle and keep them from clumping up. Another thing to look at that doesn't really relate to tanks vs m40 fighting, but does effect game balance is tanks take way more damage from city and LC turrets than vehicles or planes. This effectively negates the higher defense of the tanks. I'd suggest the damage given to vehicles and planes be increased to match the tanks, and then the higher DEF of the tanks would make them take in less damage over time.
  3. Oh, and the purple tactics. First time I used one it now stays in my tactics list. But if I want to use one again after the 24 hour timer, I need to leave the battlefield and then use one of the tokens, and then rejoin the battlefield. Would be much easier if I could just use it as a tactic, and then it uses up one of my tokens, and I then can continue to use it for 24 hours.
  4. Couple ideas: M40, Flak 41 should both take up 3 spaces in planes. Light tanks should be able to go in regular city transport plane, not require a gig for those. map search where you can input coordinates should allow for searching by city number. Turrets shouldn't target scout planes or transport planes if there are troops shooting at them that are within range.
  5. So I've played the game a few times and have a couple suggestions from a beginner's point of view. First why are the wars 8 days? Personally 6 days would be perfect. I have a few friends that we play together and it works best for us to start a battlefield on Friday night. If the war lasted 6 days, we could then take a day to regroup basically and then start the next battlefield on the next Friday night. LC troops. Obviously I'm a beginner and don't know all the ins and outs of the game yet, but LC troops are way overpowering for the few people that aren't in a strong league. I can understand that they should be better than normal troops or cheaper or something as a benefit, but so far they seem DRASTICALLY more powerful. Transport planes that can carry tanks are one example. I would think that maybe make a new transport plane that you can make in your own munitions factory. Maybe it can have a capacity of 16 and be available at munitions factory 10 or something. So it isn't quite as good as the LC transport plane, but it is still available. Battlefield promotions. It took us like 3 battles to figure out why we couldn't do in battle diplomacy with other leagues. Anyone above member in the league should be set automatically to a staff officer in the battlefield. That's all I have so far.
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