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World Warfare
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  1. Redrumjn

    Too much

    If you found this game on realistic people and maps then follow through and keep it realistic. Cities don’t have shields in real,life.
  2. Redrumjn

    Upgrade timing

    I went to sleep around 130 am CST with 2 hr 40 of upgrading on ships tha t was left. When I returned 7 hours later on 1 ship was complete and 1 hr 40 left to complete upgrades. Where did the 7 hours go? I have attached a pic of what was left when I returned. This happened on 4-26-19 in map battleship supremacy.
  3. Redrumjn


    Alts are ruining the game, block alts somehow someway. Alts give unfair advantages and monopolize a battlefield .
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