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World Warfare
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  1. Rs production increase as it’s really poor Enemy cities and rs zones should all increase but also decrease fill maps as maps half full don’t give enough competition. keep numbers from league low to stop monopoly of map but also limit number of allies gold rewards are good - randomness is good Good high level cities at start up to aim for but the higher ones can appear easier than low level 3/5 cities as the higher cities didn’t seem to respawn as many troops back to life or the city/turrets also respawn. This seemed inconsistent. the length of the bf could do wi
  2. Perhaps you should fix some of the major problems of missing troops , chat again, lagging - all stuff we want fixed first?
  3. More oil zones , ships given as rewards for primary and secondary goals plus league rewards based on achievement of a league objective. Like to see options for 6 and also 12 league members in bf as the small number of league members who can enter makes it more difficult to keep in touch with league members. Would also like to see options for playing multiple bf at same time - when waiting for ug this would allow more play time - oh please fix chat too - pleaseeeeeeee oh by the way - love the game, love the battlefields and like the speed on this map although wouldn’t hurt to go a little f
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