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World Warfare
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  1. I was just updating game & noticed your age recommendation was set at 12. Unless you can control the continual swearing on chat, it should be higher. My kids are 15 & 13. I would never let them play this game due to chat. With the trolls here, not a good idea
  2. Would be nice if sign up was longer. Often in bf , would like to play, but not going to quit & leave teammates in the lurch. Lol. ,
  3. Agree with speed being an issue. I like to have fun, not wait for troops get from A to B. If alliances is an issue, how about a last player standing bf with no alliances at all? Have fun, cheers Astro777.
  4. Astro777

    Easter Day Event

    Too much chocolate already eaten. So much more in the cupboard. Happy Easter from Downunder! Astro777
  5. Still no update in Apple App Store. My iPad is compatible, so just getting more & more frustrated as time goes by!
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