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World Warfare
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  1. Good to see you were focused on the birch tree and not the forest of the conversation, But please vote above on the not issues / problems that will not have a positive impact on the play of game issues we all are impacted by. SMH
  2. I think we have all screamed from the rooftops that the most important fix that needs to be made is the lagging situations. When the platform will just have troops, cities or zones disappear that you have to zoom out and then back in to see them as a work around. Why we are doing workarounds to find our troops is ludicrous. Game play suffers and heaven forbid you have a large scale battle as the server will begin to crawl and you will not get any notifications that a troop is being attacked and then poof it is gone. Having sister leagues or alt accounts is a challenge, but the ga
  3. DevilDog3

    The Vote

    We will agree to disagree. If you can control half the map, then you have the majority and the majority should win. Majority should be in control, so if you are the majority so be it. Your argument about only having a set number of allies is also misplaced. If you and your friends can go in and dominate a field, good for you, If your league doesn’t work well with others and can’t, then it can’t. Your argument above or in another post was about it being a team game, but you then want to limit how big of a team if can be. The process of being able able to renter the fie
  4. DevilDog3

    The Vote

    I don’t agree with you, put it at 51%, if you have the majority it should rule. If you don’t want the top league to have 51%, beat them and take cities away from them. At 80%, a minor number of leagues are provided with a disproportionate amount of power holding everyone hostage, if the majority want to end the field, it should be over and move on to the next field. Too much is given to a few in the current scenario. Your concept about only having a small number of allies is narrow minded. That is like saying, the English and french should only be allowed to bring a couple f
  5. Being able to move it, as it is gold and time already spent it wouldn’t be giving you any advantage other than being able to utilize a different class. So if you first thought you wanted air, but realize now you play the game more as a tanker, all of that gold and time shouldn’t just be wasted.
  6. Suggestion..... create or add a card where we ca move class research from one class to another class. Provide the ability,out to move research already completed between the various classes (tank, air or cannon). We can move them within a class via the R&D card, but not from one to the other. It would be great to be able to move them from one class to another.
  7. DevilDog3

    Server is down!

    Fix the servers, been down more than 20 minutes
  8. Servers are down.... fix your platform now!!! They have been down for more than 20 minutes!,,,m
  9. It is interesting to see how deadly AA can be at times and inept at others. My assumption is the player and how much they have researched and assume they are using the associated commanders. It can be very deadly, but that is why you have a combined arms five. All part of a good strategy.
  10. Haloween fun from DevilDog3
  11. DevilDog3


    Sadly, it is 10 months later and we are still challenged with lag, no working chat, inability to get into the glme, circle of death, immense slow response and still no better server response. What is currently being done? When will we see improvement? When will we have a stable game that can handle the demand? The game boasts and encourages teamwork, but when teammates get together it makes the slow response or no response that much worse.
  12. DevilDog3

    R&D adjustment card

    How do you use the R&D adjustment card.
  13. Why not make allies at the league level not done in a specific battlefield, but that each league is only allowed 3 total allies. This way, when entering a Battlefield, if they are one of your allies, you automatically are allies, not every one is an option in any given battlefield. This will create more of a strategy at the league level versus the battlefield level. Create true alliances that carry over from Barrlefield to Battlefied. You could continue to support and assist your allies, but those would be set outside of each battlefield. If you enter a battlefield without an
  14. In the last update, did they take away the ability to use more than one shield in a 24 hour period. I tried to put a shield on a coty as city as I was he’s red out from rom a while, I put the first on, then it would not allow the use of a 2nd shield on a different city. i think they have limited it to a single shield in a 24hour period. Has as anyone else seen this?
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