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World Warfare
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  1. DeepWood

    Log in

    I hope they manage to find a fix and again i thankyou for the help and hope the issue gets resolved my ip address is
  2. DeepWood

    Unable to log in

    Hi victoria. This is my IP address
  3. DeepWood

    Log in

    Ive spoke to my netowork ive done countless speed tests and theyre all averaging above 13mb/s thats on data. my wifi is much more than that and still no, ive been able to log on a couple times in the last few days but then it just stops working again, im glad the issue is being looked into and i will wait patiently of course these things happen but if it goes on into next week im jst gunna uninstall the game entirely Hi victoria, this is the speed test i just did.
  4. DeepWood

    Unable to log in

    What what ive heard its affected people in the uk and atleast 1 in germany so it might be a european issue if they have different servers and with the amount of players seem like they could have seperate servers like most games do (continental servers) but dont quote me on it
  5. DeepWood

    Unable to log in

    Hi cudamit, ive updated my internet setting from my network, changed the sim card, removed apps ive installed immediately prior to the problem (incase theyre the cause) ive rebooted my phone to factory settings, reinstalled this game twice, all the usual BS process of elimination lol. Network have done every test they have and the fact i ploughed through 5 episodes of viking using my mobile data just yestersay and had no buffering says my internet connection is pretty dam solid lol, thanks for the advice but i have literally tried everything i can from my end and my HTC with 3gb ram and an oct
  6. DeepWood

    Unable to log in

    I got on for literally 13 seconds then said there was issues and didnt even let me send a group mail to tell my league why im off
  7. DeepWood

    Unable to log in

    Im annoyed nw, i emailed them 3 days ago and not even had a response yet. Tourney starts tomorrow and because of another problem with the game and its another tournament im going to miss with my league, cant log in so i dnt know if theres gunna be any updates or maintenance to fix it or anything, pissing me off is an understatement
  8. DeepWood

    Unable to log in

    Wont even work on wifi, 4g network, fibre broadband and a £700 mobile phone, it definately isnt network or device
  9. DeepWood

    Unable to log in

    Looks like it could be server if its affecting germany too
  10. DeepWood

    Unable to log in

    Im in the UK, northwest, been on to my network theyve speed tested, remotely checked my phone and found no problems either, what network u using, if were all UK based its definately the server, what network they all on
  11. DeepWood

    Log in

    Hi victoria ive had the same issue it worked one day, i went to bed and now its stopped working
  12. DeepWood


    To the admin i guarantee the 15mb/s average on my 4g network is definately not the problem because it hasnt work on sky fibre broadband or virgin fibre broadband either and theyre some of the fastest broadbands u can get, there guys in nepal and taiwan that can access the game and im pretty sure ny network trumps over any service u can get in taiwan, its clearly nt an isolated issue and its more and more people getting affected by it, i really like the game but im soo close to jst ditching it now, i know the 8 people i know that are having these issues dont have the same network as me so its n
  13. DeepWood

    cannot log in

    Here you mate, theres serious bug issues involved as i get the same message, on the occassion it does log me in it then stops lol
  14. DeepWood

    Unable to log in

    If admin say the iphone x can run it then mine definately should as mine has an octa core processor over a hexa core, 4gb ram over 3 gb and my network as stated isnt the problem lol. Its a bug and they need to fix it. Lobby data timeout and unable to read map text is nothing to do with the device its the server failing to send the data, 4g internet and 2 fibre broadband routers with sky and virgin and still the same issues. Its nt devices as the iphone 5 & 6 can still run the game with the dualcore and quadcore respectively and it started after the last update, they need to fix bugs inste
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