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World Warfare
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  1. Jordan

    4hr wait

    This is where if you comment, you like the 4hr wait or no.
  2. Jordan

    Best Moments.

    We taking out lucky! (Fun battle)
  3. This is a Japanese battleship called Yamato. Not everything needs to be American!?
  4. This Churchill tank should be awesome in the game!!
  5. Jordan


    Awesome, go coc!
  6. This photo should give you a idea of a new tank!??? There should be trains in the game for transportation we have air transportation and sea transportation why not ground transportation?!
  7. Jordan

    Best Moments.

    The first time I played this game was about 2-3 years ago how I found the game was me and my brother were getting bored of the old games we used to play so we went on the App Store and searched war games since that's what we like then when I started playing, I loved the game I had kind hearted players help me and when I go to sleep I always think is anyone attacking me? Do I have to help my teammates? Then at school I usually think about world warfare if my troops are dead and if my teammates getting destroyed and yeah. The pictures below me were me and my teammates stacking up with our troops
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