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World Warfare
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  1. Exactly, if money was the problem I would easily pay money for the pc version, and they can't say there not getting enough players, I never saw a world warfare ad before either. I feel like the devs are just not working towards expanding the game (which will expand your wallets too) and I truly hope they decide to sell the game to another company that will put more work into this game.
  2. Yes I choose to be Jesus lol, in game name is fir3Star Id is 728688 In game name is fit3Star id is 728688 Yes I was Jesus lol
  3. Is there a good game like world warfare by any chance on any console mobile or pc?
  4. Firestar

    What happened to pc?

    Pc version was amazing, what happend to it? And will they try to put world warfare on pc ever again?
  5. You should add anti vehicle infantry
  6. Firestar

    Best Moments.

    I first found this game on the app store by just looking around. My first battle was a very big one, a guy named ogmo was attacking my allies. We were all small guys but we still where able to take a city with a massive invasion. It was only 1 of six cities though. He then retaliated with air and naval units. The next day he finished us off with a huge group of tiger tanks.
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