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World Warfare
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  1. This game is over you all have failed to listen you do nothing. It’s just a place for Chinese to kill everyone. They hack and cheat and you allow it. Thanks for ruining the game. Polishing a turd gets you nowhere.
  2. The map fills are atrocious now the level 5s need to be sooner also we need a guide on what is the time you can join a map treasure has 8 hrs after that you are cut off from team members that haven’t joined. CPT Dave 627486
  3. I for one see the changes but it’s the little thing about the season that’s not working there are no replays going on yet nor the new tactical in game analysis where is that? Essentially the game is set up now where one guy with bombers can take a whôle map now this is even more with the changes. I would recommend more devs play in game and be a part of the actual game mechanics. I can barely get anyone in customer service to do one thing. People talk about PvP battles great! The issues is that players have a billion alt players. I’ve been in maps where the alts number in 50 players total. It’s not fun even fighting anymore in a traditional league with real players. Massive tactic drops, massive heals. There needs to be limits somehow. CPT Dave 627486
  4. I would like the subs to mimic more what real subs do in battle I don’t think the changes really helped if not much at all. How in the real world does a sub just keep firing torpedos over and over again the damage should be increased by torpedos. The way you have it the torpedos act like an underwater machine gun! BOGUS! Torpedoes in the real world do devestating damage. You have created a sad mocking cartoon version of what subs really do. The damage is not good but the other issue is the waffen ships are way overpowered in the map anyway they need to be dialed down a bit. Maybe even add a deep dive option as well or an underwater torpedo level
  5. Subs are fun but the strike range is ineffective. Need a warning prior to attack. Also enemy resource nodes can see your subs there is no reason subs should be seen by resource or maybe just navy bases only. Also the subs can be visible when firing this should not be the case a subs strength is being invisible. Also I don’t think a player should have to útilize a bf tech for strike mode find a better mix of bf tech instead of the current
  6. Ya they are listening!
  7. My player is CPT Dave and ID is 1112033
  8. Cpt Dave here LawKeepers I think it’s a good idea but the videos should be better integrated the system seems klunky
  9. I like the fact that you can get troops it would be good to have more waffen troops in exchange, maybe upgrade the points to kill PvP to make it equal. I’m not a farmer per se I like to fight and attack. The motivation for players including me is to level up so adjust the exp for fighting other players. I was also wondering why surrendered cities spawn reb troops named with the players names. Also I would make the length of the map shorter as well
  10. The fortresses don’t let you do long range attacks
  11. There needs to be something that can counter m40s I used to think tigers could do it but splash damage takes over
  12. Horrible orange circle on screen will not go away
  13. Font facing unreadable and can’t use battlefield tech it’s erased all the money I spent on it and it doesn’t work Huge amount of lag on server too every time I hit an action it causes the game to pause my WiFi is working properly
  14. A really good map it was challenging and fun. I didn’t like the way the rebs could spawn and keep hitting your resource nodes that didn’t make sense
  15. There needs to be more portals open seems like there is a glitch not allowing leagues to enter.
  16. The cities make it nigh impossible to be conquered. For a solo player. Speed was very bad as well. It took almost an hr for an AT gun to make it almost an hour away at the speed Now rebel cities are not allowed to be capped tried it on a 15 and the cap is not allowed it just sits there
  17. The cities make it nigh impossible to be conquered. For a solo player. Speed was very bad as well. It took almost an hr for an AT gun to make it almost an hour away at the speed
  18. Davuzi

    Easter Day Event

    Happy Easter it’s green here and beautiful
  19. Davuzi

    Women's Day Event

    I’ll be making some love today that’s the best
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