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World Warfare
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  1. I think some may have that ability. All of these changes have been basically identical to what I asked for in a previous post . Also with I asked the devs about the second unit bomber and based on what it will be it could very likely have that ability .
  2. I would recomend banning B-25 Michel bombers since this will be in a bliz map. They will most likely be the most broken unit over all since after the bomber update they will be an all rounded unit killer , the hp it has , and the speed they can fly . The other bombers looking at how the picture they game and knowledge of World War Two planes will most likely be torpedo bombers, dive bombers and strike fighters which will most likely have the same base HP as a scout . There for , flak and AA can handle them to somewhat of a degree . Also since the strat will be a building bomber they won’t be
  3. Graywing

    Best Moments.

    Flying into the heart of GODz and taking their monument single handedly , was one of my best moments in this game is was a fun challenge and I was able to succeed with it. Graywing
  4. When ever you feel intimidated just remember everyone makes mistakes even GODz members .
  5. The use of these unit are low because they don’t fit well in the current meta . The meta stays the same unit something big about the units are shared or changes to certain units are made . I’m sure that most leagues won’t say their special strategy to the game for everyone to know so that option is somewhat off the table which leaves the first more likely to cause a change
  6. With the 2nd year anniversary of the game passing on the 16th and nothing special happening for that important yearly event . This has lead me to think that this game is rearing off the path of the amazing game that had amazing developers that would be very close to the community from little trivia games in main screen to formation events that both have you a bit of free diamonds. This game is not heading to the fun path for the new players to have fun and old players to stay interested in the game overall. Sadly it is heading straight to the path of the huge Pay to win types of games which is
  7. Ya new officers and 3 days after my birthday
  8. Like I said earlier aoe will give them 35000 DPM to all units if you have 30 of them which no air craft can survive so it will make aircraft useless since even if there defense is 1000 ,which it is not , they would still instantly die if when damage is calculated .
  9. Can we expect a new air or ground unit to counter the new aa guns like a bomber that boost the air defenses of air units but doesn't attack like the bombers that had metal sheets to distract radar, or a v2 rocket to hit aa gun in placements so an air attack is possible . even camouflage so that ground armies can be dropped close in enemy territory and remain undetected till they attack to get past enemy airtillery and aa guns placed to prevent an attack .because I'm sure that if a city has about 30 of those aa guns a transport can't even get close without a heal or three and having an extra 20
  10. Graywing

    Naming issue

    <---p51 Spitfire mk 14After getting an armorment for a domestic affair I noticed it said p-51 armorment . I was thinking wow that was odd we don't have p -51 in this game then I looked at the requirements for making a fight . One p51 armorments I said to myself that's not right that's a spitfire plane , the mark 14 to be exact . If it's not that much trouble could you change the name to that . Then maybe I could sleep at night.
  11. Back when officers were first added most players knew at this game would take a turn for the worst for the average player. But the first set had one that cost 100000 gold , I think it was a long time ago. But now it's only pay $15 $30 or $50 for these game changers . Can you guys bring back this to the game for example you could pay 15 dollars for an officer or you can spend 750,000 gold . 2,000,000 for 30 and 5,000,000 for 50 . This allows players to save gold over a long period of time or just spend money to buy them . Even though the gold prices are high the benefits of having them are huge
  12. Since I didn't have any tactic points to resupply my troops my league mate decided to use the supply air drop form the league city . Earlier updates made league transports not be attacked by surrendered players but when it flew over one It got shot down. Is that intentional or a bug?
  13. Was playing overwatch when my neighbor knocked on my door and my mom tells us all to get out . We found out that a firework misfired and caught the roof on fire . Lucky it was pine needles and my dad put It out with a hose . But the fire department still came to check the roof
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