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World Warfare
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  1. good morning. it is not entirely true that tanks are weaker than other units. some players consider them inferior because they do not have "area damage" they cannot attack planes and ships, but a modification of these characteristics makes artillery and planes useless. players would only produce tanks. Tanks are indispensable in the early stages of the game, they are produced first and with the right generals and the right technologies are fine for the first day of play. if you modify the tanks, you risk changing the game in substance. It is true that after the first day of the game they becom
  2. La mappa è interessante, la scelta di avere 5 giocatori per lega al massimo è giusta. Ci sono dei bug da risolvere come il caricamento delle truppe sulla barca di trasporto che non funziona al di fuori del porto, la risorsa di ferro che è troppo scarsa (non è possibile che ci sia più petrolio che ferro) lo spostamento delle truppe 2x è troppo lenta. Per quanto riguarda i nuovi edifici sono interessanti le torri antiaerei che hanno 7.500 danno a liv 1 mentre per gli altri edifici nuovi il vantaggio che recano è scarso. Manca un edificio di difesa che produca danno ad area le tor
  3. you must put a limit on the alliances that each league can have. it is not possible that there are leagues that have twin leagues in an indefinite number that when they enter the fields are clearly in advantage. the idea of smaller camps with fewer players per league is good, but you have to reduce the number of alliances, otherwise you risk entering 10 "friendly" leagues that saturate the camp. you have to give everyone the chance to win and not just spend money, many times unnecessarily, to get a minimum result.
  4. the field is very nice, apart from the problems related to the various bugs that were present at the opening. 2x speed is not necessary, 1x is good too, the field becomes even more interesting. rebels that are stronger, that's fine, as is the number of players per league reduced to 5 units. I hope you reopen it soon. regards
  5. Milan, 01 nov 2018
  6. if I could load the field, I would gladly take a general, but it does not work
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