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World Warfare
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  1. S4 Feedback suggestion: Make available the permanent skins in the Battle Manual. KingTGM. Id. 465024
  2. I think that the sonar should cover more area on the destroyers. Currently, you have to be almost on top of them to find them KingTGM
  3. One feature that would be good for this map and all maps is a translate feature for chat. That way we can communicate with others that are in different countries without leaving the map.
  4. There needs to be a map for people whose rank is lower than CW5. Currently there is only one map and when it’s over you get thrown into the maps with those who have been playing for years. They don’t have a chance against them
  5. Need to fix the lag. chief Josef
  6. It was a fun map, enjoyed it a lot. Some bases however had just a few bis guarding them and others had the lv5 waffen ships and biz along with cruisers. That made it difficult at first. It was a fun map though. I think if there could be ten players instead of six that would be good. All these short player maps encourage the teams to play without the league.
  7. When a new map is announced can you put a sample for us to see.
  8. There should only be allowed one ally in this map and no neutral ability. The problem with this map is it promotes dial playing instead of attacking other leagues. It is good for newer players who are new to the game but hurts league playing. Maybe make the rewards less for this map or greater rewards based on enemy attacks thanks, KingTGM
  9. TGM

    Easter Day Event

    Happy Easter from KingTGM
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