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World Warfare
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  1. In the World of ____ blitz games, it’s called a blitz pass. However, I don’t like the idea of tying rewards to limited access game modes. Just like the new arty coins. The best players play these modes to give their league the best chance of winning. So everyone else in the league is SOL. But being a team game for success, people aren’t going to break into smaller leagues to get an opportunity. If the goal is to reach the whole community, then things like tourneys should be limited to once per season per league member. This would encourage more participation with all league members.
  2. Memphis Belle, no matter how wildly inaccurate it was. Where Eagles Dare was a fun fictional story, a young Clint Eastwood.
  3. Without giving away strategy, expensive officers that boost a lot of stats at a smaller % are far better than cheaper officers that are specific but share a higher percentage. If you can’t figure out why, that’s your problem. To me understanding why is more important, because you will understand how to cope and adjust better. Knowing the answer only gets you so far.
  4. Wow, you are clueless. Slander is falsely accusing someone to damage their reputation. Without evidence (because you have none), your accusation of cheating is slander and you are open to lawsuit. Then it will be your burden to prove you didn’t accuse them of cheating. Good luck with that.
  5. In WWII the American equivalents were all mobile artillery, all indirect fire. So the AoE makes perfect sense. The American SPG is not the same term as a German or Russian SPG like the Stug/Jgpz or ISU/SU-100/122/152 vehicles. The m40 is a kin to M7, Sexton, Wespe, Hummel. If you want to make arty more realistic, AoE should be available at a range of 50-100%, and direct fire against anything under 50% of max range. This forces players to keep arty safe in the rear, as opposed to these m40 armies being used like tanks. This simulates the minimum fire distance before being used like a gia
  6. Rather than more AOE, I think allowing tanks to attack while moving would be far more interesting. This would make them more effective and dangerous at flanking. It would help promote units being spread out to counter AOE better. Finally, it would make tank range extension more valuable. They are called commandos.
  7. At least his name is Charles portal, and not puffer portal.
  8. Rocket officer, pay to win baby. Where your jets to counter theirs? Oh they have aa too. Shot down your jets. Sound like a combined arms operation and skillfully protected himself, while shamelessly bombarding you.
  9. The reason I’m hesitant. Is put too much time in to the slow version already. I can’t imagine playing a fast version. If anything, the slow map protects casual gamers.
  10. Between the two, I think kingCB is acting like the teenage crazy ex girlfriend, trying to prove she isn’t crazy. And blood is the teenage ex boyfriend that can’t walk away, cuz the bj’s are too good. Lol.
  11. I totally agree. I think moving tigers up to level 8 was smart, players might actually us more tha the two free ones we get. So we will likely start seeing more tigers. As MkV was eluding to, combined arms properly is extremely tough to beat. Early tigers will help keep tanks in armies longer now.
  12. In combined arms operations, yes, I’ll agree. But I don’t see how tanks effectively counter spam AOE armies any better than other unit types. Tanks I don’t like to attack cities with, because turrets tear them up so well. When I use them, it tends to be against other units only.
  13. The easy answer is get kats. But I still have the same feeling the tanks are almost useless in late game strategy.
  14. Was his username given back? Or must we look out for the wolf in sheepskin?
  15. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize he was new for the month with the huge list fore sale that week. If you determine what bombers are impacted by LeMay and the night witch. Would you mind sharing that info in this thread? Mainly I’m curious if strategic bombers now includes Lancaster’s and what other bombers are considered “medium” such as the b-25, if any.
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