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World Warfare
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  1. Any talk of helicopters like a sea king anti sub etc?
  2. Nudge


    Trying to get new players we have a good base but want to retain players that are willing to jump into a new Battlefield each Friday so we can all start at same time and be on map beside each other to enable us to build LC and donate with ease .
  3. Hi , I’m after a loyal group of 20 players to stay with me for one solid month to learn from each other and see if we can gel into a permanent team player group . if this sounds like you then join AnzacLegends today I’m going to do a tournament at five today and once a few of you are here I’ll get a 2nd in charge etc kick off another map . every Friday at 5 pm if your maps struggling jump in cue and we all port into new map Friday at five pm so we are all together. im in Queensland Australia so for USA players etc subtract 24 hours (5*00pm Thursday) etc .
  4. Split the game A Grade is your Wallet Warrior class and B Grade is for the non paying player who usually puts in more hours into play , i agree with SnakeEaters comments also ....stats do not determine a good player team work and sharing will make a valuable player
  5. Hello AussieDiggers there is AussieForces and AnzacLegends who I'm part of both that would like to work in with you ,
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