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World Warfare
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  1. The current map setup is getting a little stale. The rotation of the maps is fine, but maybe you should consider rotating the Global (Slow) and Global (Blitz) in and out of each other every two weeks. Rotate the other maps as you have been, except for the smaller player amount maps. Rotate them on their own as well. Giving 3 options of play all the time. Map selection will increase membership and startup leagues have a chance to establish themselves. The game is great I’ve been playing since the beginning almost. I find my league is waiting for more interesting maps to rotate into play and leaving other members going where the hell is everyone. Also, like many of the new apps maybe introduce voice chat for the Leagues in their respective maps. I play Call of Duty Mobile and a few other battlefield type games and in game voice chat is becoming the new thing. Increased mapping options will benefit all the leagues and the warfare we wish to experience. It wouldn't hurt to see a rotation schedule for the maps as well.
  2. Great map layout. The spread and the rebels were great. Have to admit our league took advantage of the LC glitch. Keep up the great challenging maps.
  3. This map is excellent for small leagues and great over all. I like the rebel action as well. It really tested our newer guys. Keep this map.
  4. To me Battle of the Bay is a wasted map. You can have a third map that is in rotations, but put the Global and the Isle up full-time.
  5. What are the Enrollment Times compared to the actual start times for this map?
  6. Seeing the A-Bomb is a game ender weapon pretty much I don't see how to implement it within the game structure. This may have been discussed already and if so I apologize. I would like to see more maps of various layouts and put forward randomly as to keep the playing field interesting because you never know what map is next or which you will be placed upon. This will keep leagues on their toes and require different strategies per map. Many long time player have played on the main map so much you just change your play based on your position on the map. Maybe also consider maps where a league can only get 10 members on per map. If its always changing due to the map the balance of power changes across the playing field for all.
  7. It would be great to tell your Allies from your actual team players on the battlefield
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