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World Warfare
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  1. Birkenau


    My league city is red for me.also all league members is red.what hapen?
  2. My button contact us also not working i was reported all problem on forum to ronin couple weeks ago but nothing hapen.
  3. Birkenau


    I was send from LC 2 gigant transporter but in city for training have only 1 i was trying restart the game but is same.
  4. I really like this game but sometime i think will be better find another one.
  5. After 9 hours waiting,game is still broken.chat is not working.notifikation about attack my citys i Got After 7 hours.screen is frozen and must always restart.communication betwen leagues players is not possible,this Morning i lost all my troops and citys because i dont get notification in Right time.so i will be Happy When i get back money What i spend Yesterday for game What is not working.thank you very much
  6. On apple also not working.im apple users
  7. For me is this bf ending.almost 8 hours maintenance soon going to Work for 10 hours and After Work sleeping.when i loging back to my game all will be death and will start new game.what i was spend nobody give me back
  8. 6,5hours maintenance?it really long time
  9. Question: is It possible buy somwhere officer for stug?i think vorosilov.last time i missed them.
  10. I Got now another 1 hours for update maintenance
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