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World Warfare
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  1. You need to drop those level5 shield time by the way why you give level 12 city but under shield ? And what the utility of a level 12 city with level 7 muni? It a bit useles either you can kill a level 12 and got at leadt a levwl 10 muni or die trying.my 2nd share on a post ans still dont get any reward even if i put my id is 500788
  2. Where is my teward?🤣
  3. The s4 still no permanent skin,it not worth to put money in...welllot of bug and the atlantuc map s u c k a lot,those buff and debuff thing, will never go to this map again...i am sgt ludovic my id is# 500788
  4. I think it the role of the destroyer to do so and specialized bomber who can seek and destroy sub Well it time to use dive bomber and torpedo bomber properly🤣
  5. Why you did not add submarine to the game yet?
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