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World Warfare
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  1. Hi all been asking for a few years now to get a new ranking structure for the leagues especially as it’s based on a military war game for example Colonel in chief 2nd in command Major Captain Sergeant Corporal and members to be called Private ive talked with various veterans of the game and they also think it’s a good idea, would very much appreciate if you put this idea into consideration in your next update. kind regards MajorZodiac The Royal Lancers
  2. Wishing everyone a cracking Halloween MajorZod ID554290
  3. A couple of updates myself and a few other leagues have mentioned in the past is for SCOUTS to remain SCOUTS and to have no fighting capability as far too often with the more veteran players there using alt scout armies with there mains myself included, it’s making battles more scrappy and laggy and unfair on the lower leagues in the game. and one for me I would like to see a couple of new troops added to the game to freshen things up and keep most of the WW community entertained i.e :- FIGHTER BOMBER with half the power of normal fighters and bombers :- LIGHT TANK British cruiser tank :- MEDIUM TANK British Churchill tank Hope some or all get some consideration Death Or Glory
  4. Can we please sort out so allies can land at other allies airports because so often members from my league and other leagues end up falling asleep trying to get back after an attack as its so late and there troops that took 24hrs of expanding end up crashing or getting shot down, also an option for league leader to go into any battlefield in his league and change cinc himself due to innactive members not being on?
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