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World Warfare
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  1. IRISHMEN ID: 28853 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺
  2. Boy I’m not one to downplay the game but for me to write something on forum means I’m mad. They now stopped giving gems when a player buys a pack and give you a chest bundle at random now. Seriously now why spend money on the game when you can’t reward others in doing so.
  3. Yes have to agree with InHaLe, increasing gold rewards in global would make it more attractive
  4. And how about a Canadian officer to. They did after all sacrifice there lives so Americans could take the glory. Best example would be the recapturing of Paris, apart for the French who spilled more blood? Surely not the Americans but they like to take the glory. A vandoo’s officer would be nice. And for sure for once I’ll open my wallet as many Canadians will do to!
  5. That’s to bad, I’m sure admin would make more money. They only one I would like to see again and don’t remember his name since it’s been a while is the stug officer. THX
  6. Hmmm strange indeed I haven’t had that problem so far
  7. Good point Florian, they adjustement will be hard to make since we tasted something better. Imagine crossing the map In minutes and not hours, we’ll i guess for me administrators do there best to satisfy us but going back to normal speed will be a pain
  8. I had 3 great uncles who served in WW2 in the Canadian armed forces all three were in different branches one was in the army and went MIA and never found his body another was with the Royal Air Force and as KIA over the pond and my uncle rominius who died of cancer a couple of years back was with the navy. He never really talked about war but his basement was full of souvenirs were i spent countless hours. His greatest prize was his scrape book. In it you see him pictured sharing vodka and beer with other Russian navy officers
  9. Found the game in App Store in a moment of dullness. The game was advertised then and I'm a member since December 10, 2015
  10. I really hope that the admin. Gets the message about ALL the players mentioned above. Don't satisfy weak players with no strategy and are on 1 hour and penalize full time players. The changes to the gig only makes us want to look for another game to play. Really hope changes will be made in the next patch and the old gigs we'll if your smart there easy to shoot down just need tactics and less whining!
  11. Well honestly I'm not fond of the changes you made to the chat room! I guess in time I'll get used to it. One point I would like you guys to fix is the red light, it's always on. It would be great only if we have a new message!
  12. irishboy1014 irishboy1014 Lol, I think there's room for one more ship! Hahaha nice pic.
  13. Irish French Canadians celebrating our fallen heroes Irish French Canadians celebrating our fallen heroes
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