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World Warfare
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  1. I say add 3 different tanks and a tank destroyer that can be put in LC or made in a regular muni The light tank- Chaffee. It is a very fast tank with a lower caliber gun but more modernized than the panzer III. It can do higher damage to vehicle armourd units but has lower defense this should be league city level 1 or 2 The medium tank - Panther G. Its a well rounded tank that is a little slower than its original model (last I checked) but it has a higher caliber gun that has more power and can deal a lot of damage to armoured units this should be muni level 9 T
  2. Gotta be red tails or saving private ryan. I'm going with saving private ryan
  3. Yeah lol that would be a bad idea
  4. It ruins the league tournaments and it's supposed to be who is better not who has a bigger wallet
  5. And bring blueprints back lol
  6. So this game is good. As we all know but with every game there are some problems. People gem way too much and there are glitches, etc. So I have some suggestions to make 1. Make a global map where items CANT be used. No gems, no tactic cards, shields. A 100% completely fair and tactically dominant map. 2. More troops are wanted and really needed. This game is fun but we dont have a huge element in warfare. Submarines. Which has its advantages and disadvantages but it should be relatively easy to make (uboats were made around 25 a month) and add a destroyer that can locate sub
  7. I have some Troop suggestions to make. And also a new gamemode so please listen. I would like to see a german troop tree and an allied troop tree so he is what I got Land units- I would like to see the Kar98k for a german infantry and have the Panzer IV as a German medium tank, in turn the allies should have a Churchill heavy tank as a muni production tank. Also add the Wespe german SP artillery to the LC lineup of armaments. Add the Chaffe light tank to LC or commercial center trade. Air units - the BF 109 for production in a muni close the the same price of the P-51 I would al
  8. When you get 50 bismarks on isle of war... UNLIMITED... POOOOOWERRRRRRR!!!!
  9. Oop mb on leaving the edit on there, also forgot to say that this steel production is hecka slow. Thanks
  10. I like these ideas, there are some bugs yes, as I've found as a player mainly is your internet, but what " regardless " game issues do you have
  11. I am making this a topic to alert people of the steam version that is different from this version, old school rules, higher levels, more troops, only 5 days, and some what chat buggy. I can introduce yall to the game if interested in the computer rules and how to play contact me on here. I dont want to give up on it and I want everyone to try it if they can.
  12. I want to know your ideas for new troops, I have heard of subs ( I want them too ) but I wanna here more ideas. Please give us some feedback
  13. Let's wait and see HOW these can really be got. Don't cry yet, I dont really like the idea but we can see how it goes Bro, check your internet, I have had a 6v6, didnt lag at all
  14. You should add land and navy units from computer version to mobile and send mobile air units to computer version
  15. I think we need way more troops! I think more infantry will be nice, at infantry aa infantry. Also nukes would be good as well, at a lvl 15 city you get a nuke silo. Also if you play world of tanks if you look at all the tanks, dang that's a lot. If you devs add a few more I will be very happy. So guys, tell me what you think!
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