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World Warfare
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  1. Hi CommissarxVito, thanks for the report. I am wondering if you can post some pictures here so that we may help to explain. Thanks.
  2. Jack

    Les île

    Bonjour Monsieur, could you please let us have this the questions in English? I dont quite understand French. Sorry.
  3. How about now? Which battlefield you are matching for, mister?
  4. Jack

    Fuel issue

    Hi Boredomfalls, the display time of the fuel remaining sometimes not in real time, we are investigating on this issue. I suggest you sending them home earlier than it indicated.
  5. Jack

    Won't let me in

    Okay, let me know the result ASAP. I will offer further help.
  6. I agree with DarkOnyx, he can stay in the battlefield even without any city. It's not a glitch.
  7. Jack

    Unable to load into game

    Hey, please uninstall and reinstall the game. If you still have this problem, pleas let me have more details, such the context it crashed or if there was any error message showed up. Thanks.
  8. Commanders, The portal of Tournament Season 4 will open itself at 22:00 on Jan.13th UTC. Barring unforeseen events, Tournament event opens on the second Friday of every other month. Now please allow me to show you the details: Duration: 22:00 on Jan.13th - 21:59 on Feb. 4th UTC Rewards: Champion Banner for Top 1 League. Silver Cup Bronze Cup Champion Medal for all members on Top 1 League. Silver Cup Bronze Cup Medal of Honor for all members on Top 2-5 Leagues. Silver Cup Bronze Cup Each participant of this event will get Battlefield Rewards, according to you personal ranking, when each round ends. Every member of league(s) that take(s) part in this event would get Season Rewards, according to your league final ranking, when this season ends . Rewards detail as follows: Bonuses: The leagues, entering top 5 of Silver Cup or Bronze Cup, will have the chance to get fat extra rewards, i.e. bonuses. League leaders of these leagues have to produce a list of the commanders that have the honor to share the bonuses. By receiving this list, we will deliver the rewards of the assigned amount to the commanders aforesaid. Details of the bonuses are as follows: Meanwhile, Champion league of Silver Cup will be honored to select a medal they would like to wear in the upcoming days from below. This medal will also be sent via in-game mail to the members that league leader listed. The following medals are: Bold Vision, Distinguished General, Delta Force, Wise Strategist. To Participate: League leader or anyone with access to open a BF click Event-Tournament to form a League Team. Other members join this League Team. With 6 participants, CINC can hit "Start Battle" then matching begins. It may take awhile to match for a BF. Please make sure all of you enter battlefield manually within 2 hours after BF started. Requirements: Silver Cup: Qualified leagues for Silver Cup last season Top 5 leagues in Bronze Cup last season Bronze Cup: All the other leagues. A battlefield will open when at least 4 league teams are matching. Each league can only dispatch ONE team to participate in this event per round. Each league team have to dispatch 6 participants. Rules: Open Time: PST 14:00, EST 17:00, UTC 22:00 on Every Friday. Close Time: PST 13:59, EST 16:59, UTC 21:59 on Every Saturday. Duration: From Jan. 13th to Feb 4th (Each round opens at every Friday, 4 rounds in total). Top 5 leagues of Bronze Cup will be invited to join Silver Cup next season. In the end, I wish all of you good luck. Should you have any questions, please leave your comments under this thread or write a private message to the moderators. C'm on guys, I am hearing the impending rumbles of your formidable troops now. Grab your weapons and march to the fronts. It's party time! Let's have fun! Jack
  9. Jack

    Won't let me in

    Does uninstalling and reinstalling the game helps?
  10. If the start city was attacked and captured during the transportation, the transports will circle like this. We will fix it later.
  11. OK, we will produce a detailed patch notes next time. Thanks to both of you for the excellent suggestions.
  12. Jack

    Game crash after new update

    Please uninstall and reinstall the game. It should work then.
  13. Jack


    Please uninstall and reinstall the game, then it should be fine.
  14. Jack

    Crash During Battle

    It should have been fixed now? Still have this issue?
  15. Jack


    Hi COUDAR, Merry Christmas! Please uninstall and reinstall the game, see if it works. If not, please let me have more details. Some screenshots may help.
  16. Jack

    Game crash after new update

    Please wipe the game and reinstall the app. See if it works. Or you can reboot the device to have a try.
  17. Jack

    Christmas Event!

    Hey thanks for your quick response.
  18. Jack

    Christmas Event!

    Any error messages? Did you update the iOS? Please try to wipe this app and reinstall it.
  19. Jack

    Christmas Event!

    Can you guys wipe this game and reinstall it? Just have a shot, please.
  20. Jack

    Christmas Event!

    What if you reboot the device?
  21. Jack

    Christmas Event!

    So it works finally? Guys, please let me have your device types please.
  22. Jack

    Christmas Event!

    What lines? You mean the tips?
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