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World Warfare
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  1. Jack

    Fuel issue

    Hi Boredomfalls, the display time of the fuel remaining sometimes not in real time, we are investigating on this issue. I suggest you sending them home earlier than it indicated.
  2. I agree with DarkOnyx, he can stay in the battlefield even without any city. It's not a glitch.
  3. Commanders, The portal of Tournament Season 4 will open itself at 22:00 on Jan.13th UTC. Barring unforeseen events, Tournament event opens on the second Friday of every other month. Now please allow me to show you the details: Duration: 22:00 on Jan.13th - 21:59 on Feb. 4th UTC Rewards: Champion Banner for Top 1 League. Silver Cup Bronze Cup Champion Medal for all members on Top 1 League. Silver Cup B
  4. Jack

    Christmas Event!

    Hey thanks for your quick response.
  5. Jack

    Christmas Event!

    Any error messages? Did you update the iOS? Please try to wipe this app and reinstall it.
  6. Jack

    Christmas Event!

    Can you guys wipe this game and reinstall it? Just have a shot, please.
  7. Jack

    Christmas Event!

    What if you reboot the device?
  8. Jack

    Christmas Event!

    So it works finally? Guys, please let me have your device types please.
  9. Jack

    Christmas Event!

    What lines? You mean the tips?
  10. Jack

    Christmas Event!

    Can you please let me have more details? I have an iPad with 10.2, but game works well.
  11. Jack

    Christmas Event!

    What happened? Please let me have more details?
  12. Please go to contact us and post Veronica some pics of this issue there. Thanks.
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