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World Warfare
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  1. You need to drop shield times on level 5 city’s bit to long to hard to get lc up level 9s ok
  2. Yet again game lag kills it all but still won
  3. Chaff not working on gigs salvo not working on flaks or mobile aa
  4. Flump159

    New Tactics

    But yet again you have to pay for them so teams with loads of alts will make fighting pointless and just make fighting so one sided why jot just take all cards away yes I know you would lose money but then it is down to skill not just who has the deeper pockets
  5. This is such a let down great map great teams on it but when you can not control gigs full of troops or have tac take 3 mins to drop make you think why you wasting your money buying gem etc for them to be used on a wasted field
  6. Oh well another hour to waste we say 3 hours but mean 5
  7. Flump159

    Halloween Event!

    Flumpy. Game name
  8. Ok going to put the idea out there. Could we not make it so when you take someone's city you could demolish it and then the city could not be retaken by no one and just becomes a dead city My last realm I took somone city he took it back and we went on like this for a few days could be a way of speeding up over maps and also makes people defend more apart from that great game as said before need to be in a league where they people help others I have learn so much in current league
  9. Hi all can I ask is there somewhere that shows the rating grades it shows I am a Dark Iron 111 so is there a list showing what they are for how to upgrade your own
  10. Well send in loads scout plans then your studs don't get attacked
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