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World Warfare
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  1. Right,.. IGN: RealVapeJay member ID: 25499
  2. It’s the beginning of season 4, so I have no real opinion of it just yet. the rewards do seem pretty low compared to the previous seasons that I played. Albeit, I completely missed season 3 and part of season 2. new map: have not played it yet, but I am curious to try it. new officer: I like him,.. lol. I don’t think he is too OP. I had used him in the last map and I fell from the sky pretty easily on my first fight, lol. Also, using my flak against another airman, whom I know has him,.. it did take about 15-20 sec longer before I was able to kill them; just means I need to expand my aa next time instead of running lvl 1s. The extra def does help. FYI: his portrait is a giant head,.. not like any of the other officers, looking at all the officers together, he’s like an orange on a toothpick. If you nerf him, do I get a refund? In-game issue: I noticed the in-unit count down timer is glitching. Can’t see time remaining before I can use chaff again or any other special from any other unit. playing off a previous comment: I do like the idea of a ‘skin store’, it would be like a candy shop for many of us,… but I’m still waiting for a bumblebee skin for scouts, and baby shark for mitsu,.. lol i still think tankers are the weakest and the timeline to build should be changed so the tiger/king tiger be available at lower munitions level. No one ever uses king tigers. By the time anyone get them,.. it’s the end of the map and they are being decimated by expanded m40s. I started this game as tanker years ago when it just came out,.. and switched to airman because tankers are pretty much farming for me as an airman. A dozen buffed airman flak 41s with salvo will just destroy any amount of tanks no matter what type of tank or how many. Can kill an ss tiger in literally <1 min. Tanker still get the raw end in this game.
  3. Any hints on attack and sight range?
  4. I think there should be a ‘bee’ skin for the scout planes... i might actually have an anxiety attack if I see a swarm of bees in the game....
  5. All isles maps are basically over once a league gets into the middle within the first 12 hours of a match. especially a league/alt leagues with 35+ players is on.
  6. Isle map: i like what you did by having rebel cities shielded,.. but why are the 11,13,15,17 cities not shielded?!? those are the first to get grabbed by the more experienced players. you essentially did nothing without shielded the center cities the cities lvl 11,13,15,17 need a 48 hr shield
  7. So Obviously no one wants to admit how broken the game is with the ability to have m40 and LC bombers so early in the game then this is what the standard munitions timeline should be: flak 36 lvl 2 (need something to counter the flak 41 so early and scout swarms) light lvl 3 Sherman lvl 4 t-34 lvl 5 tiger lvl 6 (this is when you start seeing a few m40s appear) m26 at lvl 7 (I have no doubt these would be a good counter to early m40s) Arty and Bofor lvl 8 m1903 and elephant tank lvl 9 (for those who don’t have access to LC - need to make the research with gold too, none of this bs other coins) king tiger lvl 10 (I have seen these counter expanded m40s quite well) dump the maus... it’s pretty much useless,.. it wasn’t even an active unit in ww2,.. just 2 prototypes and they weren’t even battle functional. It is like the land Bismarck,... but sooo friggin slow, a fleet of basic Mitchell’s can knock them off before they roll to the next city. increase the speed, it was only a prototype,.. pretend they slapped a couple of V2 rockets to it and give it 100% more basic speed. and yes, I have been playing this game a long time,.. before m40s were even a thing and top tier was artys/fighters,.. I think the only active player I know of with a lower member level than me is Zeus.
  8. Does everyone understand that having M40 and LC bombers so early makes the game broken? when that happens, not many stick with tanker. tanks don’t need improvement/optimized,.. just the munitions availability timeline needs to be changed/optimized, so the game isn’t broken with people running around with m40/LC bombers on day 2.
  9. I do take back my thoughts on tank salvo. what I’m very adamant with is munitions availability timeline. The M40 and LC bombers are available way too soon. Even playing solo, I can have LC bombers on day 2 and a dozen m40s within 12 hours of starting. its waay too soon. why does everyone think it’s ok to have m40s so soon? They’ve become the ‘go-to’ unit because they are available so soon. couple that with tactic buffs and they become ridiculous in the early game. this is why new players get frustrated and leave. push them back and the lc bombers. make the king tiger available sooner. the king tiger is perfectly matched against m40s no one uses them because they are so far back in the munitions timeline, barely anyone has a lvl 14 city at the end. no need to ‘optimize’ tanks if you make unit availability timeline better suited to match up with regular munitions. by the time I can solo a lvl 2 LC, I’m only at a lvl 6/7 city. Artys aren’t available till a lvl 9 city, which make them pretty much obsolete. It’s a real stretch to have a lvl 9 city within the first day of playing, so the m40 should not be available till at the very least a lvl 3 LC (lvl 4 would be better IMO) and bombers need to be pushed back to lvl 4. the map I’m currently on, I have 30 mitsus with only a lvl 8 city,.. standard bombers aren’t available till lvl 10 munitions which make standard munitions bombers obsolete. Those lc bombers need to be pushed back too.
  10. By moving the M40 and bombers to lvl 4 lc would change that. Heck even make them lvl 5 LC. probabky don’t even need to make any changes to the tanks,.. just make the T34 and Pershing available in the LC lvl 1 and 2, or lvl 2 and 3. drop the king tiger to lvl 11 muni. let the airmen be stuck with basic Mitchell’s and etc for a while. (I play airman so I know I would feel the hurt in playing a low level bomber) you will see a lot of unused units being used again. Even the recently added rocket artillery would be used, M1081 or whatever it is (see, I don’t even care because there’s no point in it as m40 can be had so early in the game, literally at the end of day 1) do a beta global, call it ‘ground pounders’
  11. Right now it’s an arms race to m40,.. first league to get m40 and hit usually gets the upper hand. Making the m40 available at a later stage of the LC makes better sense
  12. I’ve seen king tigers go toe to toe with m40s so relatively they should be available for production at the same time. And to make a comment, very rarely do I have a city above lvl 12 at the end of a map. I suspect the same with most other players as well.
  13. After reading some of the other comments that also made a lot of sense,... what about this?: Move m40 to lvl 4 LC - these are quite the trump unit. T34 to lvl 2 LC Pershing to lvl 3 LC maus to lvl 4 LC (keep them slow) LC bombers to lvl 4 jets to lvl 5 move king tiger down to lvl 11/12 munitions add a bf tech for each tank (except light/med tanks) for “high explosive shells” that increases damage by 150% for 5 mins with 30min cool down. slightly increase the firing range for each tank - the speed of them will be fine. no AOE required. we should see more tank battles with this and less reliance on m40, especially in the early/mid game. end game will result in a very good mix of armies and group strategies will be more prevailing. you won’t be doing much to alter ‘tanks’ other than slightly increasing range and adding the bf tech. Just moving their availability in the game timeline. This should balance quite nicely.
  14. I think the idea is good to add somekind of AOE (splash) damage for tanks, much like the flaks (limited time with cool down). having select units that offer splash damage is good,.. then we won’t see light tank spams with splash damage like tiger, king tiger and maus. if you want to keep light tanks with an AOE,.. then make the area really really small. perhalps increasing the range and AOE of each higher class unit. adding increased defence from artillery/rockets and bombers would also help. slightly increase the fire range as the units get better: light/med tank - short range, tiger/Pershing - medium range, king tiger/maus - longer range,.. not as far as stugs, but not far off. tank destroyers should also have really good defence to artillery/rockets/bombers,.. range should be incredible - longer than stugs,.. high damage to tanks, moderate damage to artillery, minor (very small) AOE (activated buff with cool down), and terrible damage to everything else (pointless to use against buildings) Or perhalps not even a large AOE,... an activated damage buff like bombers “bombs away” through bf tech giving a 200-300% increase damage for 2-3mins? call it ‘high explosive shells’
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