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World Warfare
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  1. I agree with you...War1war and LDX will be a epic fight.... League: War1war Player: BloodyDuke
  2. Charlie

    Freezes up on loading

    The LDX War1war bf is currently going on and this game is freezing every time it is impossible to get in...PLEASE FIX...
  3. I have some loading problems it freezes up I've tried everything deleting game and reinstalling it closing my app when I re downloaded the game it let me in lobby but it froze up when I tried to enter bf........PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO FIX
  4. Charlie

    Screen issues

    I log into WW fine the real problem is when I log into isle....it's going like normal when it loads it just locks into the screen where the (tanks planes boats) screen I tried deleting the game and reinstalling it...it still didn't work...if anyone else has been experiencing this then comment below plz..all have a nice day
  5. Charlie

    Chat Problems

    Thanks Peter,When I deleted the game and reinstalled it it worked
  6. Charlie

    Chat Problems

    Today in a portion of time is not able to use any chat systems available in WW when you send a message in a chat it just fails to send If anyone else is having this problem pls say it in comments...All Have a nice day
  7. Charlie


    I've been trying to log into WorldWarfare and every time it says failed to download assets
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