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World Warfare
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  1. Cup start every Saturday morning and this the second time first day of cup we have problems lagging or some players can’t get in the field as we all know cup start every Saturday and you support don’t work weekends I believe should be someone from support team working in first day of cup their is no point coming back to us Monday because mostly field end first 2 days
  2. I believe this was original map and we should not change anything to it the only thing need updates the speed as same speed other maps is and increase the rewards if you guys planning to make all this changes open new map like what your planning and keep the original
  3. I think cool down resolve the issue . And this the only way to solve the problem even if you keep it for team only what going to happen when team of 20 vs team 12 if the can drop 20 life savings on troops only the one have tickets will win sometimes I feel this not a fight but mostly a challenge who’s have more life savings tickets will win
  4. I think it only 2 way to solve this issue 1- to keep it only for league mates 2- cool down 10 minutes ( troops can heal once every 10 minuets) Also can we talk about demolish it’s really annoying when you attacking someone and he demolish everything except the city I believe should demolish act the same way as shield if under attack no demolish allowed Thank you
  5. I don't know what is your issues was but I believe you the one you tried to cheat can you tell everyone how come you league and your alt league lucky strikes enter 2 field before this field and you win but your alt league had only 5 cities from 2 field at least they should have 12 cities what they enter with
  6. Dcobra........ last week I was aware for the maintenance because I received notifications, but today maintenance I didn't get any notification about it and I was on my way to attack someone when they started the maintenance
  7. Not working yet If gigs run out of fuel and lose all my troops who's responsible for that
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