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World Warfare
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  1. What’s the point of having all the shielded cities. How does that make the game more playable?
  2. I don’t really know how app development works. But it seems big popular games that I play which also use google don’t have any issues with updates. Not sure if google prioritizes apps over others but this seems to be about 100% googles fault.
  3. Pluto

    Best Moments.

    I first found this game I’m pretty sure as an ad from another game. I have an absolutely terrible memory so I’ll retell the oldest thing I can remember. I joined a battlefield when I was just waiting for layover in a hotel room with nothing to do. Let me tell ya, this was no joke the hardest noob fighting I ever faced. Noob as in, I was a complete noob and the guy I was fighting was a complete noob. I faced off with a guy named Finkle who was in the league Thorpax at the time. We each had two cities and were fighting over a dead zone between our two territories. I remember getting soooo
  4. Where is Imperial Map? Update says it fixes respawn for the map but I don’t see the map itself.
  5. I would assume it’s more about the pvp portion of the game and faster rss to train more troops. Therefore, the building and upgrading would remain the same. Also, I personally think this map is directed towards the player that think the game moves too slowly, and the sped up troops and faster resources collection will wane their boredom.
  6. I completely agree with this. League ranking bonuses have been introduced through Tournament battles very well but individual ranks could be added. I make this comment brief because I just wrote a large statement and somehow it got deleted, I'm not sure how it happened but I really don't want to write it again On the subject of battlefield tech, I love it, a great addition with the great perks like transport plane speed, resource boosts, and troops damage and health boosts. The battle levels to unlock each bunch of tech is a great limit to these boost at early stages
  7. When this happens does the screen show the arty with the 250 added defense taking less dmg while in reality it has been given bonus health but not shown? Just clarification for myself.
  8. Connection problems after every update is getting quite annoying. My device won't even get to the main screen as it keeps telling me that it: "Failed to analyze config files". I tried restarting, shutting down, and even deleting the app. None of which worked. Furthermore. The one device I can actually log on with randomly quits and I have to open the app twice every time for it to load back in. (It gives me the continuous pinwheel of death until I quit and reopen twice). Any answers would be great.
  9. I agree completely. When I first heard of this I immediately though about lvl 7-10 combat and first or seconds day gigs on low-lvl-turret cities. And I am quite sure that they will not replace the firepower of Sparts or Whirlybirds in late game combat. But might be a quick alternative if your need to defend and your army has been all but obliterated. Or even if your getting attacked by a lone wolf and think you could hold your own.
  10. About a week ago, in the last bf i was in.
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