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World Warfare
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  1. Whats wrong with all troops that you make gained experience as long as they stay alive the longer you keep them alive after every battle they gain experience in battle
  2. [b.e.e.r.s] Ready for battle. Soco Id 741479
  3. Myself resources are to hard to come by ..the idea of different city sizes such as some of 5 some lv 7 give people an undeserved advantage.. everyone should start at same lv..not enough resource zones and gathering takes way to much time..the idea of subs is great in a sea battlefield..and also I agree with more elite rebel ships through out the ocean you can sail wherever with out worry if being attackd by rebel ships. Also maby mines ..and just a thought why have a spot in the lc for naval when there is no naval to build??????
  4. If you run out of fuel they will crash and burn...and they didn't land before the update started they are goners
  5. It's kinda been over 3 hours what's up with this This is really getting kinda ridiculous..say 3 hours and now it's going on 6
  6. It's kinda been over 3 hours what's up with this
  7. To Mr legal eagle.the thing about calling someone a cheater and getting away with it is you would have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it actually happened..it's really boils down to your word against there's..
  8. I find fluffycakes remarks about GODz very rude and childish.it reminds me of when I was in 4th grade and mad at my friends and told them my dads bigger than yours..this is only a game some people take it to serious . if one got serious enough here since this is a public forum where anyone can see or read there remarks against any league or person could be considered deflamatory and in certain cases be liable in a court of law in which case World Warfare would be responsible. Also for allowing to be published so I would be careful. What I wrote on here ....
  9. Everytime this goes down for maintenance and we have to update this happens they give you a time and it never is the right one They should just say down for maintenance instead of giving us a time and then not Being able to keep it
  10. It's past time for this matinance to be over but still can't log in
  11. I can't log I. Still even after I updated
  12. Where I'm from 4:00PDT is 6:00 CDT here and if my Mickey mouse watch is right it says 06:21 CDT
  13. Still not working and I did update also
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