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World Warfare
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  1. Get into a good league and find a mentor. Game Knowledge and allies are two of the most important things in this game hands down. If you lack either one of them, you will be in for a rough time.
  2. Limit amount of gems per map. Increase fortune amount or decrease unit building rss just like buildings. I couldn’t build troops for about 3 hours out of 6 because I didn’t have fortune for them. Increase RSS in general. Shouldn’t be forced to buy resupply pack just to stay competitive. Every time you play that map you must spend 3000 gems or there is no chance of winning. IGN [00ffff]Peety
  3. Looks awesome! What are the seasonal rewards?
  4. Few more videos for you guys! How league cities work, a few tutorial videos, and a tips and tricks video for new players! Ingame name: [00ffff] Peety ID: 528906
  5. [00ffff] Peety is my ingame name. ID: 528906 Best video out right now, and more to come! World warfare employees hit me up, I'm not stopping with this one and I want to be a Public Affairs officer to keep making more content to bring new users to your game. ❤️ I also just posted a early game tutorial for new players! Check it out here! Ingame name: [00ffff] Peety ID: 528906
  6. This is a guide I created to help you decide which Technology tree to approach! If you have any questions, please post below and I will answer as I see your questions! Thanks guys! GL in the field!
  7. Please bring back blitzkrieg. I know all of the veteran leagues loved it. Normal battlefield is just too slow. Upvote if you agree!
  8. D-day 2017. 3 members from a rival league against me and my 399 range rocket launchers. I actually held this attack off.
  9. Four of July fireworks!! - PIETRYGA
  10. Beating the rest of this battlefield with the godz. Ingame name is PIETRYGA
  11. Is the stug assault gun considered a tank?
  12. Awesome work guys! Can't wait to see this ingame!!! ??
  13. Alongside this I have more now. Huge emphasis on skins. Let them cost real money, I'll buy em. A way to purchase generals from gems. That way we can save for them and atleast get a few cheaper ones without dropping cash. (Not sure if this is already in place) More terrority points per player. This slows down gameplay even more than troop movement when you CAN take a city but points don't allow it so it's not worth to go forward with it. A battlefield surrender option that doesn't effect win loss if surrendered before 24 hours in. Also inflicts 24 hour penalty and you ca
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