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World Warfare
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  1. FaceManPeck


    Gotta love the bugs. I destroyed all buildings and was about to capture this port when the game crashed....when i got back on, the buildings at the port disappeared and never came back....
  2. FaceManPeck


    I think it took about 8-10 min...
  3. We just wanted to entertain ourselves so we built 169 troops between the two of us and had some fun....
  4. Just a couple from me and the ATeem with a darn sexy ship formation thrown in. Good hunting...
  5. BF 1094292 is currently a hot mess causing my league to completely stop playing. We have all utilized the "contact us" option including screen shots and details and havent heard or seen any resolution today. Its a little frustrating to say the least. We are experiencing extreme lag, losing units and in my case, my mobile arty and wirbels refuse to accept ammo rendering them useless. What the heck is going on?
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