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World Warfare
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  1. I would like to see an expansion to the role of infantry to the game. Perhaps add engineers, they could build defenses like anti tank ditches, trenchs, lay mines etc. maybe have them damage/repair roads. I would like also to see anti tank infantry, perhaps even machine gun units. I think also being able to cause damage to roads would be a nice feature as well as laying mine fields and having bunckers. Just some free thoughts probably worth what I'm charging.
  2. I would like to see an expansion to infantry units. I think introducing engineers would be fun. They could damage or repair roads and rail. Build defenses like trenches, tank traps, mines. I would like to also see anti tank infantry. Perhaps even machine gun units and mortar teams. I just feel that infantry isn't properly represented in the game. On a battlefield infantry is far more dangerous than this game reflects. I feel they should remain vulnerable but have more of a punch. I think also there should be a way to damage and repair roads to slow enemy advancement as well as to diminish ecomonyeconomy
  3. When the game goes into maintenance breaks I think the game clock should pause. I understand the game needs to be maintained but if you take for instance this current break it is almost a full day down. This significantly reduces progress.
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