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World Warfare
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    Server maintenance

    So, no announcement for the maintenance today then?
  2. Two points that I would like to see changed. Firstly, can we have a ban on gems in the cup battles. I understand that gems are a big part of the game and how the developers are able to carry on updating this brilliant game but surely cup battles should be fought on an even playing field. A test of pure skill and tactics. Secondly, on a normal battlefield why is there no way to destroy an enemy monument if your league already has one. We've had this issue this week and some of my league lost a lot of troops because they destroyed the monument but couldn't capture it so couldn't use the airbase to get their troops out of there. If it's destroyed couldn't it revert back to a level 5 league city? That would represent the fact that the monument is wrecked but the city is still there. That way it could be demolished or used by the victorious league. They are just my opinion anyway. Hope you are all well and enjoying the war.
  3. I really like the idea of waypoints and also submarines would be an interesting addition. To help with new player development, why not allow experienced players join the cadet battlefield but without any of the troop upgrades that they have earned. This keeps it at a level playing field and they could mentor the new players. Maybe they could be marked in a different colour to identify them and be able to recruit them into their mini league for that battlefield only. The mentor could earn the normal rewards but also get a greater daily reward however would not appear on the leader board. All of this was just off the top of my head so I may have missed some obvious problems but I would be happy to mentor in some way between league battlefields.
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