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World Warfare
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  1. Dirty75


    It isnt apple, having same problem
  2. Dirty75


    This harbor is connected to a city, but won't show ownership or access resources to construct
  3. Any progress yet, mine won't refill either. Both bases are level five, but won't refill any level five troops
  4. Dirty75

    Broken army base

    Two or three, none of them will refill artillery. I flew artillery to three different bases, no luck
  5. Dirty75

    Village upgrade

    Trying to upgrade a village connected to my city, got message cannot manage an enclave? Doesn't even show my ownership
  6. Dirty75

    Broken army base

    Army base won't expand troops
  7. Doesn't seem to effect game, but is anyone else having "cannot reach destination" flash across the screen all the time? Happens when troops aren't even selected.
  8. Dirty75

    Naval troop refill

    All of my units are level five too, maybe that is part of the problem. Doesn't seem to effect the army base though
  9. Dirty75

    Naval troop refill

    Mine is cruisers and bombers so far
  10. Dirty75

    Naval troop refill

    Anyone unable to refill fully supplied naval troops? Mine won't even show up in the menu
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