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World Warfare
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  1. I cannot access my troops in my airport. I just get a connection error message. This is very frustrating
  2. Forest

    League Problems

    Hey CB with the uninvited guest issue. Check your access permissions in main screen in league there is a section for allow all that may be selected
  3. Tigers have not respawned since the UI update
  4. i hate the new UI. I don't like all these big buttons cluttering up the screen.
  5. I agree with NoQ and do not like the new UI it clutters up the screen.
  6. Commander ID is 130 battlefield is 1012424
  7. My incoming mail says that it comes from me so I never know who sends it and I cannot reply.
  8. To others in my league as well. Thanks Peter
  9. My side tab no longer shows cities
  10. Thank you. Great news about the officers.
  11. Are these just designations or do they increase troop performance in any way?
  12. It is still circling. Attached is a screen shot. I was transporting from league city to league city.
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