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World Warfare
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  1. what about a flamethrower tank? they could do huge damage to buildings, infantry, and vehicles, but little damage to tanks. they would have the same range as a regular light tank. and maybe a very light damage but long range artillery unit such as the priest in the beginning of the game and maybe even including a stuka dive bomber would be great! I was thinking that maybe to prevent it from being over powered, it can only carry one bomb before heading back but causes massive damage to tanks. Yet again, the resupply card would hurt this idea. (perhaps 5000 damage in one run.)
  2. Offline Mode (Was mail sent to Russel) I say a map full of rebels would not only help players get experienced for the game, but also a way to try the advanced units made from league cities or have fun without any online services. I feel that this option would be a great addition to the game and would help so many players out there that just couldn't see the fun of the game when they first tried it. Thank you so much for responding to me and considering my idea and I hope to hear from you once more. Just a friendly reminder/list of my suggestions to be incorporated in this game mode... 1. The experience and game currency earnings from this mode are decreased in half (or for you the developers to decide of course!) to prevent experienced players to get money quickly without facing a REAL challenge from other players. 2. Territory and Unit caps are eliminated from this mode since no other real players can be overwhelmed from the large forces. 3. This mode is offline for players to enjoy on the road or for those who can't play due to data charges. The game should try to be welcoming to many players at any time. 4. Time limits should also be excluded since the main objective would be to take down Waffen... not be the last surviving league or the one with the most points. 5. A small reward for defeating the Waffen. Perhaps coins or a very small amount of diamonds like 10. 6. Maybe even setting difficulty! Easy makes the map much smaller and Waffen is the same to the multiplayer one(The area where tiger aces and military zones surround the base). Medium being a slightly larger map and Waffen forces should recieve a slight boost of reinforcments or defenses. Hard being a large map similar to multiplayer and in order to reach Waffen you would need to cross an ocean. Higher difficulties should give higher rewards for defeating Waffen.
  3. aor2no

    Building upgrade idea

    When selecting a building to upgrade, we mostly have the same icon in the top left. I think it would be cool to see how our building will change with each upgrade instead of having the same image, just a small minor suggestion, nothing huge. FYI, i don't play clash of clans. I just couldn't find a better example for this topic.
  4. aor2no

    Unit range

    Would be cool if we had an option to show a circle of our unit range. Could help new people to adapt to the new units such as artillery or scouting range when they want to attack people's or rebel's defenses.
  5. I don't know if you guys have had any problems similar to the one I have but I sometimes find it hard to get a picture or an idea of a units range. The only way we can tell is to go to the unit's info and see a number next to range. I think it would be nice to select a ground unit and have an option to see a circle of its full range. This could go great for artillery or stugs when we want to attack other units or defenses like sniper towers or turrets. Let me know what you guys think. The image is an example from the game R.U.S.E, a game that I still currently play and is a great example to make this game better. Notice the range circle, it would be very cool to include this in our game.
  6. I have played this game since last year, I have noticed some changes. I remember when there was a problem with fortune and it wouldn't add up with all your captured villages. I remember contacting you guys through FAQ (contact us) about the problem to help resolve it. But recently I learned about this forum for the game and now I am trying to see how to contribute to the game by helping out with any suggestions I may have or if I spot any bugs in the game. I enjoy this game because its fun to play with allies and use such a variety of units in the battlefield. Although it may take a long time to play this game, I actually enjoy it because you can upgrade a building or move units and get straight back to work or anything you have to do. Its also fun and exciting to see your territory grow and your resources soar, it shows you all the hard work paying off over time. So, just a few reasons why I am here on the forum and what I find fun about the game. I hope I may help contribute and benefit the journey and course of this amazing game. hope to hear from you guys soon!
  7. I honestly have no issues with the actual transport. I've never lost resources from these. However, the ability to cancel the transports would be helpful. Could you guys add a cancel option next to the transport details? One time i pressed the wrong league city and so many resources were sent to the land of far far away I tried to cancel it but there wasn't an option for it. Just a suggestion.
  8. Love the game! Keep up the good work
  9. Did I just find Italy?
  10. Look at my suggestion, very similar, more detailed
  11. 1 day left in this match 1 day left in this match
  12. Look at my suggestions and tell me what you think
  13. Should we have an offline map where its only the player but we have infinite troop and territory cap. The whole map is full of rebels but at the other side there will be a stronger Waffen. We have to use all of our resources to defeat it. If you like the idea please leave a comment below saying what you think the game mode should be called. Thanks
  14. Make an offline mode where its a map but is full of rebels. The player has infinite troop and territory cap and has to obtain all the land. The Waffen should be stronger and located at the end of the map. The objective is to use everything and defeat Waffen. Just an idea.
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