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World Warfare
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  1. I can what? I can what? I dont think you understand. I am wanting an account,like a joycrafter account for example, that I can sync up on both my phone and ipad, which is cross platform, without using Facebook account to do that. Right now you can only use Facebook or Play/Game center account. You see what im saying?
  2. an account system. This would be nice so we could log in on Android and IOS,so I can stop using my facebook account to do that. I would love to delete the account but cant because its in use for this game.
  3. A small addition a coworker and fellow player brought up was when you get a join league request, there is an option to view capital. That way you can see a little more about the player you are going to add to your league. Another idea Id like to see is if you can set your turrets to ground or air or both. A single enemy targeting system wouldnt be bad either.It would help to set up your defenses
  4. Ive been playing for awhile now,over a year. I think it is great for beginners as well because I have seen people play then not like it cause they just get wiped out. The League player max I like as well because me and a few of my friends created our league and its still small and we cant compete against 20 guys,lol, gets rough.As for BlueStacks, yes the game works on there,Im using version The only issue with running in BlueStacks is the graphics arent as good as they are on my Ipad or phone. I am trying a few things to tweak it to get better graphics out of it,but gameplay is just as good, just awkard controlling everything with a mouse,but I got a Surface so I can always switch, but thats how I play when Im supposed to be working.
  5. The one thing I think the game needs is different sizes of leagues in Maps. We have 20 now, which is fine for those in a bigger league, but that leaves the smaller leagues or people without one, in a position where they are outnumbered. Also it allows whoever has the biggest leagues in a map wins because you can only hold so many flags. My suggestion is to keep the 20 size,add a smaller size of max players per league (maybe 6-10) and also a map just for Rebels and Waffens (for those who just want to attack and build up without getting ran over by bigger players or leagues. Another Suggestion I would like to see but was told by support that they have no plans in the works for but keep seeing it requested,is support for Windows. I have a surface,which I would love to play it on but no support. I use Bluestacks, which works,but is heavier on the resources and graphics arent as good as a native app.
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