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World Warfare
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  1. this questions are just made to mock all players, of course paying and get officers give u advantage... they just trying to entrainment us and take out focus on real problems, because this game got many problems
  2. that s why the normal version is not working, cause devs were busy to make new one
  3. I was waiting Ramcke on purchase officers offer. Can you put him on?
  4. Andrea

    new issue bf list

    After last update of March, nothing really has been fixed. Chat is not working properly, troops desapear more frequently han ever, troops hp can lose health for not reason.... amd last issue i noticed is about battlefield list in leauges sector. Four members of my leaue are playing individual, but the battlefield list does not show any battle in progress. This makes impossible to reach a friend in bf.
  5. First thing, I could play without update the game while all the players were off. I could attack anyone safely for the two hours... Second, chat issues are still there and nothing has been fixed. Actually I ve found new problems such hp troops that kept losing health for not reason... but mostly , what s really annoying, the chat !
  6. Andrea

    chat broken

    League and Team chat lose chronological history, it stacks at some msg and wont load new ones. Sometime new msg come up but when u restart the game chat deletes all again to return to old msg of days ago. Rooms and private chat disappear often , they are very unstable, u can get msg sent after hours or days... we started bf 3, 4 days ago, I m still not able to be in touch with my team. All this chat s problems came up since they put main screen in bf. IT was absolutely unnecessary. Actually it was funnier to have main screen in main page, so players could have a break from bf and check in mai
  7. chat is broken. daily gold from bf not recived.
  8. there is nothing extra. all buildings are located in sector from where u can start upgrading, that s all
  9. Andrea

    chat broken

    the real fact of new update is the broken chat. it was already unstable, now it doesn t work at all. congratulations to all developers for working hard against our sick addiction to the game. soon we will find out better entrainment. this was a game and social network. now it looks a place for solitude and frustration.
  10. Andrea

    Gigs load

    Here a new frustrating issue ! 3 gigs lvl 3 wont load same number of stugs. One can load 8 stugs , another only 7... sometimes limit goes.down to 5. But all show same capacity 40/42
  11. Andrea

    Medal Slots

    It s something really not necessary . Anyway it would be nice add extra slot and have option to show up own exp through medals.
  12. Andrea

    Medal Slots

    It s something really not necessary . Anyway it would be nice option to show up own exp through medals.
  13. Andrea

    Server Down?

    Same shit here.
  14. I mean, u waste hours to get prepared for a battle and once u drop ur troops at enemy's door , the game failures... Warning: lobby data fetch timeout... And what does it mean? Perhaps it means it s time to leave this fuking game, and stop wasting time with broken things...
  15. Always the same story, officers offer at the end of the mount, always when I have no money to buy them 1 day offer doesn t leave me even the hope ... Dunno if I have to be happy for not giving u money or sad for lose every time the opportunity.to get those officers ... I ll be happy, and wish u thousands dollars
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