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World Warfare
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  1. It would be good we're not playing with our league to be able to see what they're doing who's winning who's losing. This might be difficult to do so in the beginning just stats would be fine. With everything in that top bar, just so we can see how the other guys are doing. So what do you think yes spectating should be allowed will no. be sure to like comment if you agree
  2. JoeZimik

    New maps

    Capture the flag really it's not a fps. although king of the hill might work if there was one large city and the rest normal but still elimination mode
  3. If roads could be upgraded to move grown troops faster in your city, ally city's and even neutral cities. of course hostile would be void Absolutely right. Gem are so expensive and give very little so I never buy them. here is an idea on how to get people to buy more gems. Let's use a city for example level 2 takes 1 min charge 100 gems level 20 takes 7.5hr charge 100 gems every upgrade is the same this way more will be spent and bought because when I go to buy 900 gems I now I get 9 city upgrades of course army base would be like 60 gems every upgrade. so the later in the game the more desperate players become the more they will spend because it saves more time. Thus you guys make more money and use it to give me a better game
  4. JoeZimik

    New maps

    Different sizes city's there are different sizes city's in the world. And to make things fare if city were divided amongst league but all leagues had same starting. And if league city could only be upgraded by high ranking league members. To attract more players both bigger and smaller battlefields sense eight days doesn't always fit our timeframe some lasting only one or two days and some lasting as long as a month
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