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World Warfare
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  1. Happy Halloween everyone BuraktheTruck
  2. Hi all In limited maps like Liberty and Fringe there must be limits in alliance and number of lcs. 3 teams alliance and 3 lcs will be good And please make the slowest map 2x BuraktheTruck
  3. Yes if you want you can ban me whenever you want. If having more than 1 account violates the user agreement you have to ban at least 70% of players. I am a customer. I spend money less or more while this is a free game. If I bought sth I want it works proper. If it doesn't it is my right to give it back. And if you want to see insolent speech you would better to read batylefield and main chats.
  4. I cannot log in over 4 hours. I have 3 accounts in the same bf and spend gems and keys for resupply pack. My teamnates from other countries told me that I got hits and lost my city (cities). Losing cities, armies or all bf isn't important while playing. But because of a logging issue isn't good. We have started yesterday. We spend our time and effort for nothing. I want all gems and keys I have spend in 3 accounts and a new fresh map.
  5. Happy Easter Day BuraktheTruck
  6. Happy women's day BuraktheTruck
  7. No in our current bf ppl are shielding 24 hours
  8. Hi all We are having a great lagging issue in our current bf. It the worst one I have ever seen. We cannot control troops, cannot move them, cannot target hostile, cannot drop tactics. Sometimes everything disappears. Cannot write in chats. Cannot log in buildings and transpoters. Cannot see hp. Game kicks out almost all of us. There were battles between 10-15 armies. All troops are expanded and each army has at least 65 troops. This causes advantages and disadvantages to both sides. And all my teammates and players from other teams are using different kinds of phones and tablet
  9. Happy Helloween everyone Burakthetruck Happy Helloween TruckBurak Happy Helloween TruckBurak
  10. I did updte from google lay but I cannot log in game. I have attached the screenshot of failure
  11. With 14-15 whirleys you can easily kill 20 strategic bombers. Actually your combination is good. I guess the armanent upgrades in technologyand tech tree are unsufficient.
  12. Destroying a lvl5 city and a lvl15 city has a great difference. Lvl15 takes more time and needs more troops. It is also the same in turrets and the other buildings. It will be better to gain more xp from higher lvl cities and buildings. For example; Lvl1-5 cities 200xp, turrets 50 xp Lvl6-10 cities 300 xp, turrets 150 xp Lvl11-15 cities 400 xp, turrets 200 xp Lvl 16-20 cities 500 xp, turrets 300 xp
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