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World Warfare
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  1. Of course I don't work for World Warfare but someone who does will probably see your suggestions anyway. World Warfare really needs some new troops to get inactive players back in a new ones flowing in at a steady pace as well making it more fun for the people who are currently playing (And Enjoying) The game
  3. DarkOnyx: My Great,GreatGrandfather, Grandpa Chester was Polish and in the Polish Navy he was serving out at sea on the ORP Błyskawia the only Polish ship to survive The Nazi invasion of Poland it escaped the Germans and made its way to friendly waters after it helped liberate Europe
  4. I can't recall when I first discovered but I was looking for a game like Command and Conquer (My favourite Computer Game) at first it didn't make to much sense so I deleted it (A grave mistake) But then my friend told me about it and I decided to give it a second shot with my friends help I was able to figure out the game and now I can't put down my phone to eat dinner!
  5. So I have a few new troops to suggest one is a new League city troop the other is just a regular troop. So first the LC troop as you know there are Ground troops and Aircraft troops in the LC but what there isn't is naval troops so I'm thinking that we need a new troop to help more players get hooked again so the Gato Class Submarine it was a American Class Sub commissioned during World War 2 (to stick with the style of the game) the second Naval troop that you could do is the infamous German U boat hundreds of these U boats were made by the Germans so the should be relatively cheat to produce As for controlling these subs the should have a dive and a surface option u have to be in dive mode to use torpedos and surface to use AA/Anti Ship guns but these sub should have limited Oxygen after a while they have to surface and refill air tanks unless in a harbour. Now there has to be a way to counter these troops first is the KingFisher another American Plane that was meant to Scout and was Armed with Depth Charges it was meant to seek out and destroy submarines and Destroyers should also be armed with depth charges also only Destroyers and KingFisher are able to see Submarines when they are in Dive Mode. I hope you take these ideas into consideration thanks! -Dark Onyx
  6. So what he was probably just staying in the map but had no cities that's not a glitch
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