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World Warfare
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  1. Make a new map layout. We have had the same type maps for a long while. Make one with a east west layout. What I mean by that is have land on the east and west sides of the board with a body of water in the middle. And have Warren owned islands randomly or strategically placed in the middle. The point would be to have two or more leagues occupy each side. Once a league either allies or eliminates enemy's on their on continent we can call it they can take the islands to help have jumping points to reach the other continent and eliminate the occupying forces there. First league to occupy both continents. Wins. Or you could add capital cities/ league city maybe first one built becomes the capital. And once you occupy all other leagues capitals said league wins. Just food for thought.
  2. Swampdonkey

    Best Moments.

    I found this game one night 2 years ago while bored in a hotel room in North Carolina. That was the last night of many being bored. My first map I joined I seen two people in chat. Jp and king cb. The comment made was if you can beat us you can join our league. Although I didn’t beat them. I and a few others didn’t back down from the fight either. Then started my godz career over the next year. Alt has ugh those days are over. It’s still fun looking back thinking how much in 2 years this game has changed. The different maps. Beta testing maps. How much the developers listen to the players. I still love the game. May not get to play as much as I used to. But it’s one I always fall back to. Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone.
  3. Rolling thunder I have no control over. Honestly until this map I never knew they existed.
  4. Good thanks for clearing up where you have the best players. Now we all know where you have what. As for using gems. I really wish everyone would get over it. Not just us. Not just you. The whole game. It's going to happen. You all do it. We do it. Everyone who has a job or their parents debit card do it. It's part of it. Is it aggravating, yes. Will it change, no. So why waste time crying over spilled milk. I do find it funny how you agree with us about being neutral and allies. After someone making such a stink about it. You are right. If it's supposed to be a one on one kind of thing why not neutral everyone else. All it does is keep it as fair a fight as possible. Bush I do appreciate the respect in which you speak to me. I will show the same to you. Others out there show just how much class they have with how they tend to make up for lacking in other areas. Can't fix the little man syndrome. See you guys on the field.
  5. For the record we didn't ally anyone. We neutraled some. We did not ally. You had two leagues on us. As of right now they all have folded. They couldn't adapt to this slower paced map. Call it what you want. We focused solely on dynasty and demi. And I am not impressed with the sloppiness demi has become. Things I e seen I would have kicked players for. Demi is and will never be what it once was. It's washed up. As for dynasty. Well we can sit and make excuses all day for both. But what's he point. They tucked tail and ran. Not what true godz would have done. They would have fought to the bitter end. But who am I to judge. This last kill chain map said it all.
  6. It is quite funny that even though we did show up. They did the one thing that a certain someone despises. All this talk. And not once came in first on this map. I find it actually really funny how if all the times this league was able to adapt and overcome. This map was not one of those times. Also I find it funny that the their main argument was we allied other leagues. When their league and their sister league show up. Yet we never attacked with an ally. All the trash talking is pointless. After all that's been said and done. The fact remains that some of these players just arnt as loyal and relentless as some of the originals. Sure they may have one some battles. But the war is far from over.
  7. This was not what the majority spoke of doing when you asked us what we would like. I'm with razor. Stuka subs half tracks dive bombers. Give us something. Camouflage options for units. Make this game just a little more difficult.
  8. Everyone got this free general. But I have yet to see it. Nor get it.
  9. Popping fire works for the kids
  10. Popping fire works to the kids.
  11. You. Ant gen to 15 in two hours. All gems do is cut time. Not cost. So if you don't have the resources to build every level gems really do you no good. I know hemming sucks. What sucks about it is right when your taking a city they gem it back up. And again and again. I think each time they gen it back up the cost of gems should go up. To persuade people from constantly doing it. And instead of gems have some type of card system that can reduce build and upgrade time. One time use sort of thing. But I strongly believe that if they use the system of it cost more every time you gen something like refreshing the comm center does. It will persuade people to not do it as much and either play the game. Or accept defeat rather than gem their way out of a battle.
  12. 1. I think others things should be worried about rather than what we are going to improve first. Like fixing the bugs in chat. 2. I think the navy should move quicker. Not just a little quicker. Make it noticeable. Then people would be more apt to use them. 3. Tanks could be a little quicker off road. It's a tank. Those things were made to cover ground a lot quicker than normal wheeled units. On and off-road. Trees and I'm assuming the darker patches of grass are swamps or bogs. Which really should be added in game. I mean not all battlefields were green and beautiful and happy little places. 4. Bombers need some speed or slow down the fighters. Or maybe give them an option like scouts have to protect bombers. So they fly with them not 50 miles ahead. 5. Give artillery it's power back. Artillery was used in all aspects to destroy whole divisions and slow them down. Not just infantry. Make artillery and AT's have a transport option on ground. So they can load up and go not wait till I retire to get them from point a to point b. 6. Leave mobile Aa alone. The one thing you don't go up against when flying is a 88 or flak panzer. They will rip a fighter to shreads. And drop bombers left and right. That's what they do. 7. Anti Tank needs to be able to damage to everything. If I was in war and a german infantry division came at me and all I had was a AT. I'm gonna shoot it at them. And it's going to do damage. Maybe not as much as artillery or other units but it will do something. Those are just my opinions. Oh and make a new map. A desert map. A giant urban map. Something. Change it up.
  13. I remembered I went to a military museum earlier this year. HADESofGODZ / swampdonkey.
  14. I would like to wish all commanders, leagues, game developers, and anyone else not listed that make this game great a very happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone gets to have their stomachs full of turkey. Everyone be safe in your travels. Enjoy your family and or friends. Have a good holiday. GODZ for the win!!
  15. Happy Thanksgiving from Theadore Roosevelt National park North Dakota. #swampdonkey #Godz #Demigodz #HadesOfGodz HADESofGODZ
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