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World Warfare
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  1. I just experienced a major glitch The turret was invisible
  2. Bonkd

    New maps

    Good point. They need to make the Bismarck so range bigger, and some minor adjustment need to be made.
  3. Bonkd

    New maps

    I really think these ideas are good! Love them alll.
  4. Bonkd

    New maps

    Why not a map where their are no resource zones, and no transports? That would make strategy on a open plain more important
  5. What's your favortite strategy to win? Just wondering, because I know their is many.
  6. I am so sorry some of you have been suffering from not knowing how some of the game is played, I will try to help you... this is my strategy: as soon as you have light tanks, get the villages around you. Get to stugs, get everything around you, then do suprise attacks on people and cripple their economy. I usually get killed by now, unless I get an ally with the big alliances( I am very persuading). Hope this helped some, ask me any other questions,and I will be happy to help!
  7. Bonkd

    New maps

    Your right, it would be over too fast.
  8. Bonkd

    New maps

    I also have a cool idea with the 1 alliance against another. In between the alliances, their is a strate of water so wide, transports and bombers can't get across. You have to build up a naval fleet to get across. I think that would be cool because naval power is almost never used any more. I totally agree, imagine WeFew and Godz up against each other. No transports would be a good idea.
  9. Bonkd


    I also have to give credit to Zero0 for defeating it. The scouts above are Wolfpack, after they destroyed WeFews scout.
  10. Bonkd


    This was on the first islands map, this was also the first time one of the battleships went down.
  11. Bonkd

    New maps

    I really like those ideas, especially a half built base with only 2 a two day commitment. It would be cool if on those maps the troops move faster with more attack.
  12. Bonkd

    New maps

    I think this is also like the Clash of Clans clan war, but different.
  13. I will make one soon, I'v been busy with school though. I will see if I can make a chanal.
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