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World Warfare
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  1. cerrah


    ı cant log ın to my both account CerraH and CrrH ..U say me you cant fıx ıt ..why?and what gonna happen to my accunts ..the wıll be usefull anymore?what gonna happen to my genereals ı bought up to now and gems and ll my 3 years labor on these accounts
  2. cerrah

    Cannot login

    hey peter i cant get in my accounts CerraH and CrrH both..dont know what happened my google play acconts are beginner and ehen i try to log in game makes me start game as a beginner
  3. i lost my alt..other account CrrH ..and youbsaid you cant give it back..and i cant get it back..please give my accont back you have to do this..otherwise why we playing that game if it has a big risk that gonna dissapear one day forever..all our labor and all our generals ..gems..no point to play the game even we have big risk losing it possibly
  4. we lagged so hard..wasted so much ..sent you lots of pms..noone answered yet .i want my money or gems back
  5. cerrah

    Women's Day Event

    I celebrate happy women's day for all women in the world CerraH
  6. cerrah

    Map problems

    Hey we havent been abla to get in map for all day..please response on that
  7. cerrah

    Christmas Event!

    My ingame name is CerraH
  8. cerrah

    Independence Day Event

    My ingame name is CerraH My ingame name is CerraH My ingame name is CerraH
  9. My ingame name is CerraH
  10. cerrah

    Christmas Event!

    My ingame name iş CerraH My ingame name is CerraH
  11. cerrah

    Login Event Volume 2!

    My ingame name is CerraH
  12. cerrah

    Christmas Event!

    my ingame name is CerraH
  13. cerrah

    New Year Event!

    My ingame name is CerraH
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