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World Warfare
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  1. BrainDMG

    Best Moments.

    For some reason my original post didn’t have my in game name, BrainDMG. Haven’t seen the rewards pushed out yet.
  2. BrainDMG

    Best Moments.

    BrainDMG In game name BrainDMG
  3. BrainDMG

    Best Moments.

    I have been a member of The Strong Souls for quite some time. Crafty353, our league leader has really shown true leadership during most troubling times, like when going against Godz or any of the other top ranked leagues. TSS is truly a family, the members treat each other with respect and dignity. We pull together in the most desperate of times. We have been able to pull off some astonishing wins against some very stubborn opponents and made our way to the top 10 ranked leagues. Thank you to all the developers. I am a Active Duty Army Soldier in the US Army, and currently deployed. Thank god
  4. 16 years and counting. To all past and current veterans, thank you, my brothers and sisters in arms!! BrainDMG
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