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World Warfare
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  1. You can still get gold from battlefields and get what you wanted, there is not a limit on how much gold you can obtain.
  2. Would this be applicable to turrets and sniper towers or would they spot them no matter what?
  3. Would there be less players in order to reduce possible lag?
  4. Would this mode also have less days per battlefield or would it still stay as 8 days?
  5. I have a question about the Commando troop. Would they only stay invisible to the enemy if they were standing still or could they move around without the enemy being able to see them?
  6. Bitslayer

    Halloween Event!

    Only have a hat this year Username Bitslayer
  7. I think this is a good idea, especially for players like me who can't be on everytime.
  8. Gonna watch some fireworks blow up and play games all day and try to get first ~Bitslayer
  9. This sounds like a cool new topic
  10. I like to go with a powerful ground army that has a few air troops to support from above
  11. From league tournament season 5
  12. That's a very impressive score, no wonder why you guys stay 1st place
  13. I try to memorize all of my troops attack so that I know the best strategy to take without taking a lot of damage
  14. Bitslayer


    I think this will help newbies a lot, wish I knew some of this stuff when I first played
  15. I see where your going, once the shield is activated the turrets shouldn't shoot, but if that were the case then once the shield was activated then the enemy could get very close to the city and just wait the time out and immediately attack after it's gone.
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