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World Warfare
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  1. Kindly point me to that rule if you would. Act like a thread nazi and you’ll just kill the forum. Like I said it’s why I don’t frequent it anymore. The lag thing is nonsense. My 100mps on a brand new phone and still have periods of lag. It’s a dev issue. If the app uses so much ram that users need super computers to run it then maybe it’s time to reduce the ram usage so the masses can enjoy the game. Either way have a good day making up rules. It looks like the thread was locked because you didn’t want any discussion on the matter. There was no I’ll will in the new thread. If
  2. This is why I don’t use the forums anymore. When someone posts their opinion and locks the thread so nobody can comment on it then it’s no longer a forum. I myself have been a moderator for numerous games over the years. Only time I post and lock is official messages which I prefer the actual devs post. Anything including guides or tips and tricks should be open to discussion by all other players that are equal. This is what kills forums and communication. And once you lose community you lose the game. I’m not the only one that has this opinion.
  3. Noodles


    Best suggestion I have to joykiller is to give us a troop limited map. Can use the current global map and not allow Lc troops or any air troops. All ground pounding. The lag stems from Lc troops. We just had a battle with 100s of tanks. Tigers light at tank destroyers and no lag. Popped 10 m40 and poof lag. I’m not a programmer so I don’t know how to fix the issie but streamlining and cleaning code would be a good start. Also something better than Xbox 360 for servers.
  4. What if you want res to be at a different lc or if you want to demo a lc and need to send the res out before that.
  5. I like the pic. But rather than "res used" just put in what arms they've used. That shows both the res used and the lc production time used by default. I like the idea of allowing access on a limited basis for sending arms out (can always give everyone permission if like it the way it is currently and are afraid of no "distribution member" being online )
  6. I took ss of some tasty battles. But they seem to have vanished :-(
  7. Yeah I'm not sure being able to target your turrets manually would be a great idea. Partly for the infantry thing. But why is it that the turret only targets the object directly over it first. Just so happens they are at their weakest vs air targets. In isles my level 17s have 6500 vs armored and 2080 vs air. Seems legit they shoot at air lol. Even if their are a bunch of out of food stugs that are almost dead the turret still targets the troop on top of it.
  8. As seen in this pic of a level 17 turret. A turrets damage is far greater against everything other than air. I'm not saying we should have selective targeting with turrets but maybe the turret could shoot at something it can actually kill. 2000damage vs air. Yeah let's shoot that when 6500 vs ground would crush stuff. Targeting needs to not be what's right over turrets and should be what can both deal the. Let damage and be killed quickly (algorithm for this would be easy). It's been stated for a long time and numerous "fixes" have been implemented but not one actually addressed the i
  9. The actual adjustment to gigs isn't really the problem. It's the fact that the turret targeting system isn't being addressed. Might as well drop every troop a bunch more hp if that's how turrets are being addressed Or just fix the turrets so they actually do something other then shoot at what's on top of them
  10. Lowering gig health doesn't really negate their use as meat shields. Gigs have no defensive or offensive measures and are slow. Hp is about all they have. Lowering hurts newer players far more then those of us with max gig tech also. Gigs may have 21% more hp over the crappy trans but it also hold a lot more units. My issue isn't the meatshield issue it's that the only thing they have going for them is health. Flying across the water they are sitting ducks many times I've seen gigs survive by very small amounts of hp. In the end you are correct. The experiencened players
  11. Lowering gig health doesn't really negate their use as meat shields. Gigs have no defensive or offensive measures and are slow. Hp is about all they have. Lowering hurts newer players far more then those of us with max gig tech also.
  12. Noodles

    Halloween Event!

    I'm going as a "mold abatement specialist" I swear not a meth cook. Hahaha (noodles)
  13. Destryer has kinda vanished so please shift his rewards to hitgirl
  14. Please distribute gems by the following Fran 25% participated in 4 schnack 25% participated in 4 quiet 25% participated in 4 waffles 12.5% participated in 2 lockdown 6.25% participated in 1 destroyers 6.25% participated in 1 hitgirl participated in 2 cups and gets honored. As I participated in 4. As always rewards go to my troopers if possible to divide the gold up separately hitgirl schnack Fran quiet and noodles split evenly. Otherwise just give it based on gem distributions
  15. I found we had the most pvp in golden fighting for center. But the biggest changes that promoted pvp were dropping tiger xp. Allowing ally choice. And more flags to cap more by converting. Current map was boring when it was originally banished for golden but golden was lacking many of the changes they made when they brought this map back
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