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World Warfare
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  1. The new changes where your allies aren't allowed to use your base to load up or resupply isn't a good idea. Due to if a allied help you take a base they should be able to load there ground troops so they can move on. Also if they need to be resupply they should have the ability to do so. I was wondering if there going to be a change to allowed this to happen sooner then later.
  2. Could you all offer a package to buy all the past officers. All to completely the list of the ones were missing please.
  3. Make all the officer's available for purchase after you bring them out.
  4. How can you buy them when they don't show up?
  5. In game name is GrumpyOldMan
  6. My grandpa and I are in the first picture, both of us being Veterans. The second picture is my two daughters and I during my service of 13 years, and 3 tours overseas.
  7. Family at Fright Fest and our carve pumpkins.
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