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World Warfare
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  1. Dude shut up their is no rules about alts entering or not. It’s devs decision to make the rules
  2. Apple user can’t play it’s still says maintenance
  3. It’s like play station servers but it’s google now
  4. We already know who was the spy before he posted that “I quit” thing. We didn’t wanted to make a move.
  5. @KingCB You got it all wrong :1st he meant to say he’ll make the round not too laggy because They’ll be too much explosions. 2nd your that of a coward that you’ll spy almost every league to study the leagues tactics and find another tactic that oppose the league tactic. 3rd You set us up with the Chinese instead of fighting us in the first round. That screenshot is just if they can help the battlefield be stable. Have a great day Inhale is just a loser because you don’t want other leagues to kill your. Those screenshots have happened to me until I had to turn off my phone about 2-3 t
  6. Um their real players queen you making your league and reputation to make bad their all players I usually play tournament because of pvp
  7. Queen Ann go talk trash somewhere else we don’t want to hear you cry for the next days or weeks
  8. Well this backfired. Guys post pictures of good battles during the tournament
  9. Fireworks yay pew pew pew. Alberto111111
  10. Um the armament bug got worse because my stugs supposed to be 50% off but instead it didn't got any discount to make them
  11. Yeah I picked that class
  12. When I try to produce stugs it says I don't have the necessary to make it even though I do
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